“I have had many massages over my lifetime but none have been as relaxing and effective as Betsy's intuitive and therapeutic massages..."

Doryn C.

Dunwoody,  Ga

What clients say......

 "Betsy has been my massage therapist for almost ten years.  I suffer from a lot of joint and muscle pain due to my Celiac and Crohn's diseases. 


She always helps my pain go away so I can have an improved quality of life. My employees love receiving their "Betsy" massage bonuses!  


I would highly recommend 

Betsy for relaxation, to melt away stress, or for deep tissue massage."

 Jill L.

Dunwoody,  Ga


  "Betsy is one of the most skillful massage therapisists I've ever had the good fortune to meet.  She has helped me find relief from sciatica as well as the chronic shoulder and neck pain that often comes with sitting in front of a computer all day long.  I would enthusiastically recommend Betsy Miller to anyone."


Stacey B,

Dunwoody,  Ga




"I have low back issues and my sessions with Betsy have really helped not just bring relief to the area in pain, but have helped to balance out adjoining muscles groups that were contributing to the problem to begin with.  These sessions along with the home work she gives me (stretches, exercises, ice/heat), help me sustain the relief for long after the session.  I highly recommend  for aches/pains or more serious injuries."


Brian A.

Roswell,  Ga

(from Google)

"I went to Betsy for severe radiating arm pain and rib pain.  I was in so much pain at the beginning I couldn't lie down very long without my arm going numb.  After working with Betsy for about 3 sessions, my arm numbness and pain were extremely better.  

I am a chiropractor by trait and an avid golfer, and with all the abuse I have put on my body over the years, my muscles were so tight, they were compressing the nerves in my spine.  By getting adjusted and having Betsy work on me over the last few months, my body is doing much better!!!!


I have recommended many of my patients to her and they are all extremely thankful for the referral.  Betsy is in a class by herself!!! She is worth the travel and I thank the good lord for putting us together!!  I would HIGHLY recommend Betsy to anyone who needs a quality massage therapist!!! :)



Dr Scott Ackerman,

Atlanta,  Ga

(from Google)

" After 1 visit I started feeling so much better!  She really concentrates on your trouble areas and is a gifted massage therapist!  I wish I could see her once a week!"



                                          Marjie M.

                                          (from facebook)





"A therapist who cares and follows up!

I was referred to Betsy by another satisfied client. I am thoroughly pleased with the results Betsy is able to get from my Knotty Body. In addition, she has a magic touch for anyone who suffers from clenching and grinding of teeth and jaw. I never knew there were so many muscles in the face and jaw but she relieves my pain effectively. I look forward to every visit because I know I'm that much closer to relaxation and relief."



                                        Nkki C.

                                       Alpharetta, Ga

                                       (from SpaFinder)






"I don't say this lightly, hands down, Betsy is the best massage therapist I've ever had. Very professional and knows her physiology, she almost knows intuitively what my back needs to heal and she gets me mobile again. Highly recommend to anyone that suffers from chronic pain and fatigue."

                                                 Davina C.

                                                 Cumming, Ga

                                                 (From Google)


 "I have just had the pleasure of completing my 6th year with Betsy Miller as my massage therapist.  I decided in 2008 to have a weekly deep tissue massage for well health and it is the best gift I have ever given myself.


Deep tissue massage is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas of the body and it has been a blessing for my "computer" neck and tense shoulders.  Even when I say I have no issues that week, Betsy's hands seem to go right to a spot where there is pain that I was not even feeling.  Her ability to work the kinks out before I feel them has saved me a lot of suffering I am quite sure.


Betsy has a soft quiet nature.  She is very insightful and will put you at ease immediately.  I look forward to our weekly conversations while I am on her table as we explore a universe of subjects.  If you prefer quiet or to sleep during your session, she is happy to accomodate....I prefer to chat for she has become a highlight of my week.  Treat yourself,  you will not be sorry."


April W.

Sandy Springs,  Ga

"Believe me when I say Betsy is the BEST!  She has a very calming nature and magic hands.  She has the ability to find all my "lumpy bumpys" (even the ones I did not know I had!) and make them feel so much better by the end of the session. I have  been seeing her for over 2 years.  Even though I can not see her as much as she would like so she can help me with my chronic neck/shoulder issues that I have from my job as an ultrasound tech, she helps me each and every time.  It is an awesomely relaxing experience to escape from the stresses of my everyday fulltime job-single mommy life just to relax on her table and let her do her magic.  Sometimes we chat the whole time and sometimes slip off into a quiet Zen state, whichever I want she is happy to accomodate me and my needs.  She is AWESOME!!!"



Kim L.

Duluth,  Ga

(from Google)

" I came to Betsy through a referral and couldn't be more grateful.  She has extensive knowledge of the body form and fucntion as well as the mind - body connection so every time I leave I feel more whole.  Her gentle heart and strong hands are the perfect combination for anyone healing or simply relaxing."



                                          Wendy H.

                                          Johns Creek, Ga

                                          (from Google)





"Betsy is amazing!  Her knowledge and healing touch are exceptional.  I feel so relaxed and centered after getting a massage with her.  So thankful to have her on my team of healing experts."



                                          Gretchen G.

                                          Roswell, Ga

                                          (from facebook)





"Wow! What a remarkable masseuse. Betsy is very knowledgeable and kind. She's able to create an amazingly relaxing yet professional environment, all while giving hands down the best deep tissue massage ever. I can't say enough great things about Betsy, her beautiful work space, or how good I feel after all the work she did to help my healing."


                                                 Kursten H.

                                                 Decatur, Ga

                                                 (From Google)




"Betsy gives the best deep tissue massage I have ever had!"

                                            Julie B.

                                            Sandy Springs, Ga

                                           (From Google)




 " I have been receving massage from Betsy since she completed her formal training.  She listens,  she's precise and she's professional.  I appreciate her attention to detail and her flexibility for deep tissue, myofascial release or exceptional relaxation massage  I highly recommend Betsy for anyone looking for high quality work.


Beau H.

Woodstock,   Ga

 " I thank my lucky stars everyday for Betsy and her  magic hands.  I've had massages all over the world and not one has every come close to Betsy.  She truly understands the art of deep tissue massage.  If you are in the market for a new massage therapist, trust me, when I say, there is no one better."



Jula J.

Atlanta, Ga

New york, Ny

(from Google)


"Betsy is the bests!  I met her during in the most stressful time in my life.  My daughter had cancer and she was going through chemotherapy.  Betsy volunteered at my daughter's cancer organization and thats where I had my first massage.  It has been several years later and I still go to Betsy.  She has healing hands and she truly knows how to heal the body through massage.  You are in for a treat and you will feel wonderful!"


Nachelle T.

Duluth, Ga

 'I have had back issues for over 25 years and when I started having pain and numbness in my arms and shoulders, I really didn't know whay to do next.  My wonderful chiropractor referred me to Betsy.  I started going to her over a year ago and I felt such a difference in my pain level after 3 massages.  Because I was feeling so well, I stopped going for about six months, then my body told me it was time to go back.  I am so happy I did.  It's amazing how great I feel!


Betsy is very professional and takes her time to listen to you and knows how to address your issues.  She is really a special young lady and has such great knowledge.  If you are looking for a good massage therapist and want balance in your body, give Betsy a call.  I highly reccoment her!"



                                      Krista C. 

                                      Peachtree Corners, GA

                                      (from Facebook)


"Wonderful Experience
I initially found Betsy on here because I was given a gift card for a present and she has been amazing. I was experiencing terrible nerve pain and headaches due to my muscles being so knotted from my job. She thoroughly understands the body and all of the reasons for your problems. Due to her understanding she was (and still does) find the trigger points for my problems and allows me to function without daily pain. If you want to go to someone who will really understand what is wrong and is incredibly sweet then Betsy is the right person."


                                        Priscillia D.

                                        Decatur, Ga

                                        (from SpaFinder)





"I have had many massages over my lifetime but none have been as relaxing and effective as Betsy's intuitive and therapeutic massages. Her touch is healing and her spirit is so calming that the whole experience, each and every time gives me just what I need. I deal with chronic pain and she has the unique capacity to hone in on what the problem is without going too deep.

She is truly one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered, and I trust her to work on difficult areas such as my jaw to deal with TMJ pain. Betsy remembers how my body reacts from one time to the next builds the work each time. She also has helped me deal with migraines and other head pain, and her scalp massages are heavenly.

On top of everything else, Betsy is a wonderful person, someone who is calming and caring."

                                                   Doryn C.

                                                   Dunwoody, Ga

                                                   (From Facebook)